Where Are We Secure?

I have become exceedingly discouraged about the direction our nation has been going in. I am greatly concerned for the climate our children and grand children have to raise a family in. We are punishing people who choose to refrain from doing business which would go against their conscience. Our laws have been forced on us by the judicial court which has been able to tell us what a law should say instead of telling us whether or not a law is constitutional. This has been done while congress sits by and allows it. Congress has allowed laws to be passed which have been accomplished through illegal methods. Some laws have been passed without having been read and understood. Our Executive branch has appeared to work against our own country more than against the understood enemies of our country.

All of this, causes me to ask myself, “Are we ready to suffer for our faith?” The divisions of the past will fall away. The Church in the future will be defined by those who will be politically correct and those who will die for their faith. Not all will die; but all will be faced with the decision. It appears to be a hard road to be on. But there is a prayer in the book of Proverbs. “Give me neither poverty nor riches, feed me with the food that is my portion, lest I deny you and say,”Who is the Lord?” Or lest I be in want and steal, and profane the name of my God.” I think as a country we have been wealthy and have kept beyond our portion. We have had power but often used it abusively. We have become proud and in many areas have said,”Who is the Lord?” We are finding out our own neighbors are becoming our lord. Those we vote into office. We can extend our hope for a better future in our government. But any government which is not purposefully seeking God will eventually place their people in bondage.

In Christ alone we can place our hope. It is not in this life we look for full freedom and restoration. Jesus promised us there will be hardships; but He told us to take courage, He has over-come the world. As a Church we must set our eyes upon Jesus and the calling He gave us. It is time to strain the water-down gospel we have been preaching and declare we serve a Holy God, One who is fearful and loving. We need to get back to the meat of the Gospel, repentance. God is a gracious God.

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