Walking With God Pulling It Together re-post

There is so much to say about walking with God. But the gist of the message is simple. The ability to walk with God while on this Earth is priceless. And the ability to walk with God while on this Earth is freely given and not of ourselves.

In previous blogs I mentioned how your relationship with God is a part of His natural design for your life. It is not through you seeking Him which this relationship started; but through Him continually calling out to you. Many of us can look back in our lives and remember moments where God has intervened in the happenings surrounding us to direct our paths or preserve our lives. Much of these activities happened before we came to Christ. The Holy Spirit was seeking you. He was walking with you even when you were unaware, or even rejecting Him. God walking with us is a natural occurrence of life. But do we choose to walk with Him?

The seed of faith is sown in our lives and we choose what reception it will be given. If the soil of our heart refuses to open up and allow the Word of God to penetrate it, the word will be stolen by the birds of the air, the lies of satan. If we receive the word among the thin soil of rocks, bitterness and unforgiveness, the seed will sprout but die for lack of depth. If we receive the seed but plant it among all the other cares of the world, it will be choked out by those very things. But if we receive the Word of God as if it was a pearl of great price; and we go and sell all which we have to obtain the soil in which we found it, the seed will grow and bear much fruit.

Because the precious gift of faith is not cheap, nor is it anything less than priceless. There is no price you can pay which is too much for its value. Even as it is sown it will be harvested. The soil must be worked. It must be overturned and cultivated. The rocks must be removed and the weeds must be pulled. It is a painful process to release everything to God for His bidding. But it is the treasure which is found in the field; the treasure which value is so great, one would go and sell all which they have to obtain it.

Then we can say we are abiding in Him. If we hold to His words and His teachings. If we desire more of Jesus than all this world has to offer. When the Father comes and gently holds us in His hands and removes the growth from us which hinders the fruit of His Spirit, we will abide in Him.

Nothing is of ourselves yet to choose. Under what condition do I receive the word of God? Do I choose to continue in His presence or do I cling to the things of this world? Do I allow the Holy Spirit to cultivate the soil of my life and remove the rocks within?

The Kingdom of God is as a mustard seed. Where it is among the smallest of seeds, it will grow into a large plant where the birds of the air will take refuge. Can you see yourself providing refuge for others? Abide in Jesus and you will.

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