Thoughts from Maria

On this National Day of Prayer I am saddened.  Saddened by the state of our nation.  Saddened by our sin.   Have we gone too far?  Have we gone too far from You, Lord?  On this day of prayer, I cry out to you Lord Jesus.  Come ignite Your Church.  Come ignite our hearts.  Embolden Your People.  Father may we stand for righteousness and for truth.  May we be filled with Your Compassion.  May we be filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.  May we experience true repentance, a repentance that brings forth good fruit.  Lord, may You move in our families.  May you bring healing, physical, emotional and most importantly spiritual.  May you restore broken homes and broken marriages.  Restore our spirits where they have been broken.  Father, visit us with compassion and mercy.  May we seek Your face in our every day lives and live for Your Glory.  Lord, restore Your Church, Your Body.  Make us truly one as you and the Father are one.  Come and sow Your seeds of love and mercy in our lives that we may sow your love and mercy.  Amen.