Thoughts from Chris

The more I lose in life, the less I have. With less to lose in life, I find myself more willing to risk what little I have to hold onto what I know as the truth. All can be taken away from me; but only I can remove myself from the Truth. Jesus said ” I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.


I often find myself concerned that my influence on the Body of Christ is less than it should be. But I know Jesus has not called us to be “super- Christians” but a super Body. It is therefore, in union with you and ALL other believers we have our greatest effectiveness. I may not be the working hands, but if I can carry oxygen to the hands, I hope to carry as much as I have been equipped to carry.


“The worth of a man is not measured by his responsibilities or his trials but what he does in the midst of them.”


If I look into the Bible as a man looks into a mirror I will see myself changing ever nearer to  the image of the Author of Life.